Crush Logic

  Winemaker Wine Production Management for Small to Medium Wineries

Crush Logic's WMS (Winery Management Solution) is a hosted software service delivering the full range of production and compliance features required by small to medium wineries.  It enables you to quickly focus your time and resources on making wine instead of record keeping and IT issues.

  • Assess the state of your wine lots from a single dynamic view
  • Track Vessel Location, Additions and Actions, Test and Analysis data
  • Manage and maintain cooperage and other cellar supplies / Equipment  
  • Easily log information as part of your normal winemaking process 
  • Data safely stored offsite but readily available when and where you need it 
  • Access online to 5 years of data 
  • TTB 5120.17 and FDA information at your fingertips 

See how WMS can work for you, contact us for a live demonstration.

      Record Management and Compliance Made Easy and Affordable

Designed by winemakers to be easy to use, with an intuitive interface
Provides flexibility, security, and no system maintenance
Accessible anywhere, anytime with PCs, Tablets, and Smart Phones
Make decisions with easy access to information and flexible analysis tool
Manage documents, attachments, and hyperlinks eliminating paper records
Ensure statutory compliance and reporting
Simple & timely service implementation and support
Data hosted in a secure offsite data center
Affordable subscription pricing and customization services